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In many cultures, it is in the darkness where the New cycle begins....

Just like litteral Death is celebrated in many parts of the world, as it is seen as transition.

That in-between....awake yet still somehow asleep....this is the place where fear is transformed into fuel for a new way of being.

The liminal.... like the spaces inbetween the fibers of lace that gently rise a sensation within, when caressing the skin on your face.

We had an amazing Balsamic/Darkening Moon coincide with the portal between Solar/Lunar Samhain when the Veil between worlds thins and the spirit world becomes very present in our minds, hearts and souls.

Remembering for our Souls progression, we must experience Death.

The stillness offered in the Dark Moon is potent...this Dark Moon is concentrating alot of Lady Justice and seemingly ancient "sparks of initiation" style Wisdom. At the same time softly awakening the New as the collective, Seasonal Scorpio energy rushes in...mixing with the sparkles within the Darkness of the Libra Constellation above. Initiating a cycle of deep subconcious growth in the realm of the unseen. The unknown becomes known as a portal of potentiality for the New Cycle ahead. Leading us into deep reverence to our relationship with endings. With a focus on the intimate relationships we hold with ourselves and our most karmic relationships with others. Offering much by ways of perception and how we veiw the "Deaths" occurring so New Life can take root, fed by the decay of what needs transforming.

Let this Dark Moon be the beginning! Bringing curiosity to the forefront as we EMERGE into the underworld of Scorpio... Alchemy at its finest.

"Life's waters flow from Darkness. Search the Darkness, don't run from it" Rumi

Through the threshold we go, the watery depths we soon will know.

The New Moon shines through today, Nov 4th at 3:15pm MST

In Love,


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