Earth's WisdOM in Cosmic Rhythm

The Heroine's Journey

There is nothing "New Age" about this course. 
It's deep, Ancient wisdom coming forth to be remembered, direct from the Goddess.

3 lunar cycles, June 27th - Sept 24th. 
The first round of this offering is only open to Womxn.

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Earth Medicine

Elemental Immersion, at your own pace. A very courageous path! This course is for those committed to knowing yourself, essence deep. A deep journey through the 4 lower Sacred Energy Centers.

Radical Self-Knowing through Elemental Exploration!

Awaken the Elemental forces within.

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Cosmic Rhythm

Journey through the higher Sacred Energy Centers. Where Earth's Wisdom meets Cosmic Rhythm...Within.

*Pre-Requisite-Earth Medicine Course is required before stepping into the Higher Centers.

For Inquiry please Email Kat@MoonMedicine.Earth


M o o n  M e d i c i n e