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Efficient Creation

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

The Virgo constellation will be dancing through the skies this Full Moon!

And no, the constellations are not always aligned with the Moon and what western Astrology tells you.

The Worm Moon is the Moon that signals the end of Winter. Remember, before the Sun was tracked for the Equinox/Solstice's, it was the Moon that helped communicate the endind/beginning of the seasons.

The Full Moon comes in right after the clock strikes midnight Friday the 18th here in MST.

The illumination continues to brighten as we come to the fullness and Virgo lessons will be highlighted.

The Virgin Mother, the healer, ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Goddess/Gods. Virgo is the one who reminds us of our innate and direct connection to creation itself, as a co-creator...AND how to bring this in fullness, on Earth. In a practical, organized, super efficient and discerning way.

Full Moon build up is a may be experiencing fixations on all the ways you have failed, every imperfection in any situation. The mind reeling about things that you said "wrong" or things that you could have done better. When you notice this occurring, just know it's showing up to healed. It's showing up for you to see the pattern. To pick it apart and find the imperfections in order to be made whole again and birth the situation that happened, in a new way.

Alot of healing going on in the communication realm with Sisters, Soul Sisters, Mothers, Daughters ect...the Divine Feminine. This has been interesting af.

Sending lots of love this Full Moon!! I'm coming out of my much-needed winter repose and will be sharing more as spring spreads her wings! Lots-o-magic in the making!!

Full Moon Medicine tonight @theyogaunderground ! As the Moon shifts into fullness, we will be in community. On our mats moving our bodies in an Elemental Flow for embodiment of the WisdOM flowing in!! Talk about Alchemy....this my friends is Alchemy. If you are a utah local, we would love to have you join us!!

For my global streaming will begin in May for all Moon Medicine classes! Stay "tuned in"!!

In Love,


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