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Ophiuchus Full Moon

Rose/Strawberry/Flower SUPER Moon under an Ophiuchus sky! Want to unlock the secret Quantum codes of this planet? Look to the stars!! Namely...Ophiuchus known as the Serpent Bearer. The Constellations themselves carry litteral light codes that shine and share subtle Magick, which become louder and louder the more silent you become. Once you become aware of the only Constellation attributed to the Element of Spirit/Ether, you can't look away. You can't "un-see", you can't "un-know", you can't "un-feel" the gateway to your original Souls blueprint. Ophiuchus IS the beginning & the end, at the same time. This Constellation carries the potential of the most POTENT poison at the lowest vibration and the most POTENT Medicine at the highest! Some say this point on the Astrological Wheel is the gateway out of the 3D Matrix into the realms of pure energy, as well as a threshold into the most dense state of matter there is. If you were born between November 29th-December 18th your first breaths were inhales of the Serpent Bearers Stardust amplified by the Sun's rays on our planet. No, this does not change your Tropical Zodiac sign. This is just an Akashic, Esoteric, Soul-Centered Constellation awareness of the time you were born. This Full Moon is in direct alignment with Ophiuchus. Just like roughly 6 Moonths ago when we had a New Moon in Ophiuchus on Dec 3rd/4th. Think back...what intentions did you have on your heart? What was your Soul Subtly speaking to you about your purpose on this planet? This Full Moon would be a direct reflection of just that.

Let the Serpent remind you of your innate ability to shed, release and transmutate! Your story is never complete...

Happy Full Moon!! In Love, Kat

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