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Hi there my fellow Sacred and Lunar curious Souls! 

My name is Kathleen Janae House, aka Kat. 


After tracking the Moon and her cycles for many years, this wonder filled observation has taught me so much.  One thing I have learned and my intention for this website, is there is medicine in boiling things down to bones. Not only is the Wisdom concentrated, but this also brings in liberated spirituality. Not bound by the confines of someone else's experience turned unbalanced patriarchy or rigid regimen. Some traditions are in deep need of transforming. Venturing on this quest is for independent seekers. Seekers of purpose, of self-knowing, those Sacred Rebels with a CAUSE!  Those who are ready to receive with grace,

the teachings of Sacred Illumination.

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Who am I?

I am a Catalyst for radical self-knowing/love. A Wild Womxn with lightning packed ancient stardust flowing through my veins(and hair) A storm baby born in 1984 in SLC where the thunder beings offered much support in bringing me Earthside. From a young age, supernatural happenings was not unbeknownst to me. I have chosen to cultivate these spiritual gifts, leaving me with oracle-like guidance funneling through my field of awareness. Allowing me to peer through the veil that separates the seen from the unseen. I grew up in a whirlwind of different locations with a supportive and loving family. Now with a family of my own, I am a Lover, a Mother of two amazing children and an ever-evolving student of life

on Earth.

My conscious healing journey began at the age of 18 when I began the practice of Yoga. I delved in deep after the birth of my daughter in 2008 and didn't stop. Since then I have acquired many certifications and trainings in the healing arts of Yoga, Reiki, Ancient Goddess traditions among many others. I have studied in depth the Tantric lineages from many teachers and have 500hr Tantric rooted Taṇhā Yoga training by my teacher Brittany Andrews, owner/founder of The Yoga Underground. I now serve my community as a Yogini/Teacher of the kind of Yoga that inspires free flowing movement and radical self-love.

I have a lot of experience in the plant Medicine world that has been cultivated on a non-linear path of my own healing journey over the past 10 years. As a graduated Earth Medicine Practitioner since 2019 taught by my teacher Pixie Lighthorse, I now offer 1-on-1 Earth Medicine Mentorship teaching the ways of Shamanic practices. I have many years of experience in the practice and facilitation of Shamanic/Psychedelic Breathwork and hold Moothly Breath Circles at The Yoga Underground.


I am a Certified Kambo Practitioner trained by Omar Gomez, founder of the incredible organization that is the Rain Forest Healing Center. I serve as a Kambo Medicine Person through Oklevueha Native American Church and have served and continue to serve as a Fire-tender in ONAC of Utah Peyote Ceremony.


I am a Spiritual Mentor, PARADIGM SHIFTER & community Moon Medicine INITIATOR of 5 years holding ceremonies Moonthly. I am a WisdOM Keeper, Healer by ways of aiding those to remember how to heal themselves, Alchemist, Channel for the Divine & an embodiment of Transformational practice.


Anchoring the ways of the Goddess with Earth Wisdom in COSMIC RHYTHM...the Earth and Heavens meet right smack dab in the center of my highest heart of which I am truly grateful!

In service, I offer this support for all those Star-seeds, Healers, Empaths, Sovereignty seeking holy beings.

All those rebels with a cause, with a call to serve in the Art of  Sacred Illumination. 

I invite you to begin with a Session, whether it be Sitting with Spirit, Tools of Spirit, or the ever so transformational Dark Moon Readings

Also consider joining me in person at my moonthly events! My Moon Medicine classes/Ceremonies are held 3x a Moonth at The Yoga Underground. New, Full and Balsamic Moons and I teach 2 weekly(Wed & Thurs) classes as well.

Can't wait to see your luminescent faces!!

In Love and Cosmic Rhythm,


M o o n  M e d i c i n e

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