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~Sitting with Spirit~

Spiritual Guidance through the Eye of the Heart

  • 111-188$
  • Online or in Person (Provo, UT)

Service Description

Aiding in the HUEman Journey of the Soul Spirit guided Divine Mind connection, through the Eye of the Heart. Plant Medicine Integration, Dream Interpretation, Astrology Chart Readings, Akashic Record Inquiry, Healing, Cord Cutting, Soul Anchoring, Soul Retrieval, Grounding, Inquiry of any sort Ect.... This reading will contain intention-led, instructed information by ways of Divine transmission. Perception through no lenses. Straight from the Divine to you from a Divine Mind perspective. Communion and healing for the independent seeker. Available online or in person. Sliding scale: Most common payments are 111-188$ energetic exchange. 90 min session give or take **In Person Sessions will be held at my home office in Orem, UT ***For online sessions: Please find a quiet, and private space to connect. Have a Journal, plant and/or stone allies if this calls to you. ~If your feeling called to dive deep into your inklings, to learn how spirit speaks to you, and how one can reply, the path of ritual is important. Further sessions are an option for guidance on Ritual, Altar building, Element Immersion, and Alignment with the cosmic forces. Booking "Tools of Spirit" is a great place to start.

Contact Details

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