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Earth Medicine Mentorship

Self-Paced Spiritual Alignment

  • $1088-Total Course
  • Online or In-Person

Service Description

~Elemental Immersion~ Self-paced, 16 week, Online Course Material 4 1-on-1 Sessions total(Online or In-Person) 8 Online 30 Min Check-in calls A 4 part journey through the 4 gates/4 Directions This course is a Soul Grounding & Embodiment. Awakening to the Divine Intelligence that runs through your very veins! Designed to open you up to your miraculous inner worlds of Energy in Motion, ESSENCE DEEP. This course includes universal Earth Medicine practices. Ritual, Altar Building, Journey-work, Breathwork, Meditation, & Divination among other embodiment practices. Immersion into the 4 Elements associated with the Sacred Energy Centers of the body....that of which you are made! Connection. Intuition. Divination. ~Radical Self-Knowing through Elemental Exploration~ Energy Exchange 1088$ Total Paypal/Venmo/Cash *Your Body is an Altar Traveling through the 4 Sacred Gates is a form of Spiritual initiation. Ancient cultures across the globe knew this world well. Your body is a manifestation of creation with so much untapped potential it's literally endless! Knowing yourself, essence deep, will help you understand how Divine intelligence moves through you and how one can work with these forces within. Co-creating, in-tune with the highest Truth and Benevolent Light. *Honor Divine Timing This course is not a linear process. It will take a time commitment for you to build a relationship with each direction/Element of which you are made. Learning the ways of Earth Medicine is not a one shoe fits all. It's a very individual journey for the Hero & Heroine alike. Each session is unique and will require an honest look at the self and where you are at on your inward pilgrimage. Passage through each gate will require the carving out of time with a daily practice. Honoring your journey without comparison is a must. *Guidance not Guru This course offers guidance into the 4 inner realms. YOU know what's best for you. The guru mentality is not adhered to here. However, the importance of a guide/mentor is something not to be overlooked when delving in the realm of Spirit. In this course, I take on the role of guide with respect to my own teachers. Please respect the process of embodiment and the gift that having a guide can offer. Feel free to reach out with any questions! Email me at: In Love, Kat

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