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~Dark Moon Readings~

Lunar Cycle wisdom and the Art of Sacred Illumination

  • From 120 US dollars
  • Online or In Person (Provo, UT)

Service Description

Transform & Transmute! This is an offering that came straight from the Goddess herself.  *Dark Moon readings are only held during the last quarter Moon till a few days after the New Moon every cycle and spots fill up fast! *WEEKDAY SESSIONS AFTER 3PM ARE AVAIL ONLINE ONLY READ ON! The often forgotten phase of the Moon is swaddled in her darkening moments. The moments when potential is heightened. Often the collective narrative is to focus on the Full and New Moons, as if it's all the Moon has to offer! The Moon has hovered in our skies for times beyond our knowing. Lunar cycle awareness can aid in Soul Work that gets to the essence of things beyond the lenses of shadow. This reading is Cosmically aligned with the powerful and essential portal point to sustainable growth, that is the Dark Moon. These readings aid in transforming & transmuting what no longer serves in absolute WHOLENESS. Doing shadow-work and finding your getting stuck in the illusion of it? This reading often includes Soul-Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Energy Clearing/Healings. Releasing unhealthy patterns, breaking negative Ancestral cycles by transforming the darkness! Lighting your torch and walking through it! Transforming & Transmuting what no longer serves. As a Portal Holder, I serve as a channel as we look at the pinnacle points of the current 29.5 day Lunar cycle coming to an end. Looking to your unique Astrological blueprint, planting the Seed of a new light of awareness. With the help of benevolent forces, alongside the most ancient timekeeper, aiding in our remembrances of Divine proportions. Honoring the true potential of the UNIVERSES INSIDE YOU! This work is extremely essential in these times of upheaval-like change. So many of us are waking up! If you have found yourself reading this, YOU are a CYCLE BREAKER! Step into the New Moon/new cycle fresh, clean and clear! Remembering wholeness through Ancient Goddess Wisdom, is a BIRTHRIGHT! Meant for ALL of us to hold. Super beneficial pre/post Medicine Ceremonies as well to all those "Reflectors" in the Human Design system. Sliding scale: Most common energetic exchange is 111-188$ 90 min session Offered online or at my home office in Orem, UT ***For online sessions: Find a quiet, and private space to connect. Have a Journal, plant and/or stone allies if this calls to you.

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