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~A Winters Prayer~

The First Snowfall

Wrap me in the silk of the darkest of nights

My eyes soften as my Soul delights

In stillness, Mind & Body unites

The Veil lifts to the realm of the blue-black

The Ancestral fabric clear, I lean back

Trusting in this blanket, where there is no lack

Only in the lull, the messages become clear

The Wisdom of Spirit surrounds,drawing near

Within my heart of hearts, I hold these gifts so dear

The silence opalescent and whispy with frost

The sparkles bright yet seemingly Storm-tossed

Finding their way back, no longer lost

Drifting smoothly upon the air so thin

Wandering delicately down, meeting my skin

The glistening sparks of light, I take in

Feeling like Black velvet, I rest in the knowing

Like the darkness of the womb, trust is growing

I relish in the pause and in the unknowing

For Hope and Love are the seeds I am sowing

Happy First Snowfall Utah!

Yes, I wrote this🌬

In Love, Kat

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