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Serpent Medicine

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Ophiuchus aka, the lost 13th currently the constellation hanging in the skies above...a catalyst for remembering our innate ability for regeneration. Within this Eclipse window is a delicate, and Re-birthing energy. Join me as I share from a liminal space, a Dismemberment Journey of Ease & Grace....


I enter the space, with the question "how do I shed, with Ease and Grace"....

Belly down, I call to Snake, while on Mother earth I lay

A glistening black with prisms so bright, she comes my way

Eye to eye, we meet, the gaze is luminous and sweet

Speaking to me, she says "climb in so that I may share, the gift of transmutation, let it be"

She Rises up energetically, opening her belly

She motions me to move inside, I oblige...

I slither, taking on her way

In her I stay

The darkness envelopes me, oh so beautifully

Her muscles move, in and out, Sending signals of fear and doubt...

I'm scared and alone, I can't get out!

I feel the angst of possible death, feeling as though I'm bleeding out!

My bones feel like mush, the movement of slush

"Surrender", she says, alone you are not.

I feel the warmth, and love move fluidly in

As the process of transformation begins

Condensing the medicine, of days gone by

Pain, grief and sorrow, slowly die

She expells my feet, one by one

With a sense of peace, whats done is done

Then my ankles, my shins, my knees,

Restructured, rebuilt, with fluid-like ease

My thighs pop out, my hips, pelvis and all

Now to the conduit,to the sense of electricity, I befall

Leaving her teeth, in the root of my spine,

For support, she says, for a knowing,"I am Divine"

A quickening feeling floods my memory

As the rest of me falls out, leaving symmetry

My head is last, with grace it floats down

On top of my body, revealing an open crown

I am complete

As I am ,I will be

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