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Sacred Soul Saga

Welcome to the Sacred Soul Saga! A place for Starseeds, Healers, Witches, Yogis, Alchemists, Alchemistas, Medicine People, and all you Soulful Souls looking for depth. You will not find that surface Spiritual, false-light bullshit here. I honor the whole. No Spiritual bypassing aloud.

I'm slowly veering away from the socials to share here the Cosmic Saga of life on Earth! So glad you're here!

You can look forward to New, Full, and Darkening Moon phase posts in Divine Time. Other topics of Spirituality, Triple Goddess Rising, Tantric/Yoga, Earth Medicine, Ritual, & Cosmic Alignments to name a few.. Don't plan on these posts being perfect either, grammar is not my specialty. Sometimes words flow through me with not much structure. I'll do my best to put it in a linear fashion.

I'll be sharing ALL the Cosmic WisdOM I can muster. Uncensored. Deep and contemplative and always aligned with the Divine Mother Goddess. It's in my nature to go against the grain, staying on the fray, waving at you from the edges of Spiritual and Societal norms.

It's time know ourselves, essence deep, and it's probably not what society has programmed you to be. Your unique HUE is a vibration desperately needed during this pivotal point on this planet. Rise up and go within!

I'm slowly veering away from the socials to share here my little snippets and perception of the Cosmic Saga of life on Earth! So glad you're here! Below is a little intro!

My Name is Kathleen aka Kat. I am an Ancient, deep Soul feeling called to share of myself to those who resonate...and my word weavings convey just that. I am a Sacred Starseed Rebel with a cause!

I'm tired of the Socials censorships and all the goo you have to filter through to get to the golden nuggets. I'm a deep diver with lots of gold nuggets to share! I believe a re-visioning of the Darkness is a necessary thing in order to live our life's purpose in wholeness. I believe it's time to hop off the hamster wheel of go-go-go just to serve an un-balanced patriarchal system riddled with greed, lies and nefarious pursuits. Fear is my friend and teacher. I will always face the fears inside. Throughout this Saga, you will get to know me more, but for now, this will have to do.

Why should you read the Sacred Soul Saga? Maybe you shouldn't! I serve as a catalyst for transformation and it just might turn your world upside down.

Till next time!

In Love,


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