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Reflection, Projection, Perception

The pivotal shift of a Lady Justice Lunar led cycle of Libra, where the New Moon started, and Scorpio Season begining still within the Full Moon Illumination, the lines may seem to blur as we dip our toes into the waters of the deep energy of Scorpio.

I love to feel into the energy of the Moon before sharing anything. The Full Moon adds an incredible reflection and marks the midpoint of the cycle...we still have 14.75 days left.

Knowing the possibilities are endless and being somewhat of an ambassador, priestess/channel for the Divine and what the Moon reflects, I often get asked when things feel really heavy seemingly for a long time,....when is this going to end? When will things lighten up? The truth is, it's all in the eye of the beholder. The full Moon reflects exactly where you are at.....illuminating the truth of what narrative your mind has subscribed to in your daily life. With Aries at the culmination this cycle, the lowest octave might have the possibly of projecting pain on others or having pain projected on you. With this, energetic protection is key especially as the Moon begins her journey into darkness simultaneously moving into the Darkening months.

This Full Moon was super feirce on a Body & Soul level.....the subconcious mind is always activated in an ascending-descending fashion through the lense of the Moon. The Full Moon showing the reflection of the blazing flame in all her brilliance! This is a fiery Moon with both the constellation of Aries and the Tropical wheel lining up! Once again, we have soul embodiment of the highest order. Aries says it like it is. Even if it fucking hurts. Quick to stoke the fire and burn really hot! Often feeding the fire of Anger and resentment but just as intense, feeding the fire of LOVE! Intensity is neutral without our stories attached. Density is a measurement of how quickly energy is moving or not. Shifting perspective is a gift we often forget we have the power to do. Just like the polarity of how panic/anxiety attacks actually serve the body as a self-preservation mechanism. I may go as far as saying thank Goddess for panic attacks in allowing the death of things we were unable to consciously heal for ourselves, find release....having a hard time processing deep emotions?...oh...if you don't, your body will find a way.

Aries is the 1st sign on the Tropical wheel and it initiates taking action in finding self-awareness, with no lies, revealing the masks we choose to wear or not and how it's truly effecting the Self as a whole.

Birthed from darkness of the cosmic womb of Pisces, the spark of the Divine child is initiated! This Moon definitely a welcome burst of light after being seemingly surrounded by density for the last little while. Let's not forget though, when a fire burns really hot burnout occurs...the wood doesn't last long and sparks fly possibly starting unwanted fires around you.

The inner-fire where we find that personal power is being called up! Stand strong in your convictions while caring for the darkness within. Remember your inner spark as we move through the season of Death that is Scorpio. Honoring the Dead and dying paves the way to honoring life in its fullness! It is the darkness of the womb that gives way to light!

I'd love to hear your wisdom! Comment below and share your words of wisdom!

In Love,


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26 de out. de 2021

As always so beautifully articulated, thank you.

Kathleen Janae
Kathleen Janae
26 de out. de 2021
Respondendo a

Thank you. Grateful.


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