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Piscean Love & Choatic Change

This Full Moon, the Piscean stars aligned with the sign of Pisces on the Tropical Zodiac...unfelt emotions implode! Like those dreams where your sobbing uncontrollablly only to awaken to tears rolling down your face in real-time.... gasping for air as you drown in the emotional buid-up of lifetimes goneby....Awakening from the dream within a dream is truly liberating yet no easy task.

Pisces Full Moon is officially in the books. Still under a Piscean Sky, the halo of this seemingly fated Moon still glowing brightly. History has been written but the future still malleable. The realm of Pisces is the magic of the Cosmic Mother. The one who holds all possibilities in her benevolent star sprinkled darkness ready to give birth. Where energy has no set structure.....things not yet determined, ethereal and subject to our own perception.

During the overwhelming amount of chaotic change that occurred the days leading up to and the day of the full moon (like many of you may have experienced as well) I was reminded of the process and the feeling of Birth.

Right when the moment comes when you feel like you just can't take it anymore, you have nothing more to give, the exhaustion takes over and you fall into the realm of Spirit, up is down, down is up, reality is no longer tangible, piercing through the Veil that separates spirit from matter, spirit holds you and takes the reigns...then......the crowning occurs.

The portal through which birth gives way, is in our midst! The more friction, the more intensity, the more polarity is a recipe for more expansion! The space where darkness meets the light in exact polarity is the space where balance is restored. And here we are on the Equinox, still bathing in the Piscean waters of the Cosmic Mother.

All the ingredients to create a world, a vision of a heart-led future is here and we are on the brink of everlasting change. Reclaiming what has always been ours: the ability to birth into creation a future where the eye of the heart leads the way.

Come back to the heart where fear is made feirce by loving it away💜

In Love, Kat

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