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Full Moon Recap

What. A. Moon.

If you have been with me for awhile you know you won't find your ordinary Full Moon post here. I honor both the Tropical(Western/Collective) & Constellation(Soul-Level) Astrology. Since the Tropical Zodiac(2 1/2 days ahead) is no longer aligned with the Constellations, I feel looking to the present moment of the stars above is important too! Especially if your on a Spiritual path and subscribe to the inner-knowing "As Above, So Below". The present time is all we have!

Constellation based Astrology is on a completely different level than the Tropical Zodiac. It's a Soul Level awareness. Sort of a key that unlocks our Souls Blueprint for progession. Bringing the two together can serve as a bridge to a higher octave of awareness...a full awareness of Soul Embodied.

Moon Medicine

Lets not forget where this cycle began! The New Moon sets the whole stage for the 29.5 day cycle!

We had a Cancer New Moon byways of the Tropical Westernized Zodiac(Earth/Body/Seasonal/Collective)

putting into place a very fluid and truly Lunar energy driven cycle. The Moon rules the Water, Feminine, Mother Goddes sign of Cancer. A cycle of pure Emotion!

The Constellation hanging in the sky behind the New Moon was the Air Element led Gemini! Our Cosmic communicator. Stevie Nicks is a well-known Gemini who communicated through music! Gemini is an incredible energy with the ability to bring mental polarity together, connecting and speaking it through the heart .

Cancer and Gemini coming together this cycle seems like a recipe for a Soulful Symphony of the heart! Like a Stevie Nicks themed cycle!! Breaking the Chains of emotional expression, with no shame on what lies within.

We had a Full Moon in Aquarius on the Tropical Zodiac. Seemingly screaming about the Element Ether! Yes...Ether..

.the mysterious 5th Element linked to the Throat Chakra.

It's said Aquarius rules the Third Eye & the Throat where Ether resides. Where heaven meets Earth in full expression.

Aquarius is also associated to the Element Air that coincides to the Heart. A heart-led, Humanitarian driven Archetype.

On the Soul-level, and looking up, the Full Moon was under the Capricorn Constellation. The most practical Archetype of them all. Earth Element...Root Chakra focus. This to me is all about Embodiment.

We also had the gift of Leo Season entering the stage as the Moon waxed Full! Ignition baby and Divinely timed!

Overall this Full Moon was a Soul offering to revolutionize the way we walk through this world. We're seeing it on the daily if your paying attention to the truth of what's happening. And now we have to look beyond the mainstream media who feeds us lies while trying to program fear into us. They will not control us.

Maybe raising questions like what is my purpose? Am I living my Divine Blueprint? What is my place in HUEmanity? Calling us to look and see and feel the Space/Ether around us, while offering practical applications to make rapid shifts if needed! On Earth! With the Divine Mother Goddess aiding in our every step.

How are you moving through life this life amongst all the chaos! Are you allowing someone outside of yourself rule your emotions? Do you feel this aching inside to speak up! It's time to let your voice be heard! Do you know who you are and what you believe? Is it aligned with your Souls purpose? If it's not, it's time.

In Love,


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08. Aug. 2021

Kat, this is absolutely amazing! I am so excited to learn and integrate your wisdom that you communicate in such a magical way

Gefällt mir
Kathleen Janae
Kathleen Janae
08. Aug. 2021
Antwort an

Thank you! I'm grateful it resonates 💞

Gefällt mir

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