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Friction is Fearless

We are moving into a threshold where there is no turning much is going on all at once. Seems as though Alice has gone through numerous rabbit holes and they all meet in the center of a black whole....but wait...there is LIGHT at the end of this necessary dark tunnel...we just need to find both within in order to find balance without.

This cycle speaks much to the destruction necessary for change. A New Moon with collective Virgo-led energy, and the constellation of the ancient Leo forged Soul started us off. Reminders that we ARE capable of co-creating without a middle man. Naturally showing us where we have been giving our power away....for years upon years upon years.

A Full Pisces Moon reflecting back to us the Cosmic Womb...the space where the "Primordial Mother" resides lining up Body & Soul. With the gift of Divine and destructive Chaos that is always present in creation! With the Darkness emerging here in the western hemisphere with the passing of the fall Equinox...the Veil is thinning. The Piscean Full Moon illuminated the illusions within our collective & Soul-level systems of how things work....and don't work.

I want to publicly validate the internal work being done right now! If the outside world has any sort of reflection on whats going on within...I applaud every single one of you! I see you.

Healing isn't always a pretty process like it's often portrayed on the socials. It's messy, unbearable at times, scary, vulnerable and confusing as all hell! And those with the grit to do so, I thank you.

This message is for all of you who are "in it" right now. To those silently facing your demons. To those who are not willing to continue the madness of learned victimhood in a system that pretends not to praise it only to feed off of it.

To those across the globe who ARE or have been victims not by choice....may your voices be heard and may justice be found!

Collectively we are all "in it" whether you're willing to admit it or not. I'm not one to sugar coat things as I prefer the sour first so I can enjoy the contrast to know the real sweetness of life.

Things are tough for many of us right now.....but remember... the two opposing forces coming together is chaotic yet creating friction! And friction is naturally fearless as it is only a prelude to neutral Divine expanded energy! It's all a matter of what you guide this energy into...why and what are you rubbing your hands together for?

A reminder to all who read are not alone this Dark Moon. May the friction in your world be as fearless as the creative forces within you...that is LOVE itself. It always comes back to love if we allow it.

In Love,


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