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Darkness Re-Illuminated

Eclipse Season beckons the present moment. Plain and simple right? Not so fast. This Eclipse is a harbinger of ancient wisdom coming into present moment awareness. All the stories, all the attachments created, course correction, past timelines no longer supporting the present move into the NOW. Dismantling if needed, destroyed as to make room for what has been out of balance and forgotten.

Within a sort of long, two week hallway, this Eclipse begins a six month cycle, on the axis of Scorpio/ energy when balanced, is a rooted, deep dark creation/tranformation vibration of the Divine Dark Feminine.

Within this wormhole like corridor, the energy of Sagittarius/Gemini completing it's cycle that began in early June of 2020. Bringing completion and balance of these Archetypal constellations come New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse on Dec 4th.

We are now within a fluid space so potent, our inner-light may be the only thing that illuminates the Darkness. It's time to embody your light! With this is the remembrance of the deep dark Feminine. Bring all your senses on board, stay present, conscious and aware....these times call for much revisioning....a new perspective that may or may not be available to you without diving deep. A time of remembering the fears of the unknown are just that....unknown and may not play out like you "think".

The Dark & the Light need each other and are truly not separate...its a Dance of continuous love for each other, just like the Masculine dances with the Feminine to create life. It is in the Darkness of the womb where LIGHT is born. Without the Darkness, the light you wouldn't see at all💥

Story-time Video below pertaining to the energy of this Eclipse....Medusa and the patriarchal twisting of her fate....

Happy Full Moon Eclipse!!!

In Love, Kat

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